How to use AI Writer

In AI Writer, you can generate text by specifying the format and tone (formal or casual, etc., reflecting the writer's attitude) and the attributes of the customers. This text can be used for drafting blogs, email newsletters, and more.

After selecting AI Writer from the left menu, please enter the content type, tone, target user, purpose, and any custom requests.

Once all entries are complete, click the "Create" button.
*Please be careful not to reload the page during creation as it will stop the generation.
*Switching to another window or tab is not a problem.

Once the generation is complete, the text tailored to your input will be displayed. The text is displayed divided into sections based on paragraphs and content, so please copy the parts you need.


The content from AI Writer will disappear if you move to another screen or close the AI Writer window. Please ensure to copy and save the content you wish to keep before closing the window.