Take beatiful product image by iPhone

If you want to create product images using photos taken with an iPhone, but can't capture them well, try using the iPhone's features to take beautiful photos or enhance the images.

How to Take Beautiful Photos with an iPhone

There are two methods to make your photos look better when shooting with an iPhone.

First, launch the camera and tap the upward-facing chevron on the screen.

Then, a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen, where you should tap an icon that looks like several squares in a row or an icon with a plus and minus.

The icon that looks like several squares in a row is the camera customization feature. You can choose from settings prepared by the iPhone that allow for beautiful captures. You can change settings by swiping left or right on the screen.

Once you have selected your preferred setting, tap the squares icon again to finalize your choice.

The other setting is for exposure (brightness). Tap the plus and minus icon. A scale will appear just above the shooting button, and you can swipe left or right on it to change the brightness during shooting.

Once you have the desired settings, you can press the icon again to close it.

How to Beautify Photos Already Taken

This is how to beautify photos that have already been taken.

First, open the 'Photos' app.

Display the photo you want to beautify and tap 'Edit'.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see menus for 'Adjust,' 'Filter,' and 'Crop.' Select 'Adjust.'

If you're not sure how to fine-tune, try tapping the 'Auto' icon that looks like a magic wand first. The iPhone will automatically adjust the photo for you.

After auto-adjustment, if you want to change the brightness or contrast in detail, slide the adjustment menu left or right to select the item you want to adjust. Then, scales will appear for you to adjust by moving them left or right.

If the image includes unwanted elements, you can tap 'Crop' to focus only on the product part. When you tap 'Crop,' a white frame appears, and you can adjust the cropping position by touching and moving the corners and sides.