How to use AI Photo

AI Photo is a service that allows you to download and use high-quality, photorealistic images generated automatically by AI.

The downloaded images can be freely used for design production, project planning, presentations, and more.

Create a New AI Photo Project

Click "AI Photo" from the left menu to open the AI photo generation screen.

Specify the Photo You Want to Create

There are two ways to specify the photo you want to create:

Generate Based on a Template

Choose something close to the desired image from the templates. Once selected, the template's content will be reflected in the "Creation Image."

If the content of the "Creation Image" is as you wish, you can use it as is. If you want to make some changes, you can modify or add to the content in the "Creation Image" field.

Generate by Entering Desired Conditions

Freely input the image you want in the "Creation Image" field. It is easier to specify by breaking down words or scenarios into short sentences.

Example: "A cat lying on the floor, brown wooden flooring."

Specify Size and Quantity

Please specify the desired size and number of images to be created. The more images you create, the more variations you will get based on the conditions, but it will take longer to complete.

Create and Download

Once all settings are complete, press the "Create" button.

The images created based on the specified conditions will be displayed in sequence on the right side of the screen against a gray background. You can enlarge the images by clicking on their thumbnails.

Once you have decided on the image you want, press the download button for the desired image format (PNG, PSD) to download it.

If you are not satisfied with the created images, you can press the create button again to recreate them.


Please use these images as materials for designing projects, presentations, banners, etc.